I.PANTACHOS- A. VENTOURIS S.A. received an enquiry to perform Line- bore Stern tube measurements and Stern tube boring of aft & fwd stern tube housings on both PS & STBD shaft lines of the vessel.





Trailing Suction Hopper dredger

Propulsion Type:

Twin screw CPP propeller

Main Engine:

2 x Caterpillar 1050 kW @ 1200 rpm

Propeller shaft diameter:

Ø 200 mm

Stern tube length:

6900 mm

D/D Location:

Onex Neorio Syros S/Y, Greece


More specifically, there was severe misalignment of both propulsion installations with regards to the gearboxes and Main engines.

Therefore, the stern tube aft & fwd housings had to be machined in order to have as a reference for proper re alignment of the propulsion installations.

Our company quickly responded to the enquiry, discussed the job’s scope and repair procedures with the Company’s technical representative and was promptly awarded the job.

We immediately started the preparations and modifications needed to carry out the requested repairs.

Rectification process followed:

The procedure mentioned below was followed in both shaft lines.

  • Line- bore stern tube measurements of shaft line, with laser.
  • Set up, alignment and machining of aft stern tube housing Φ248Χ600L mm to Φ260Χ600L mm.
  • Set up, alignment and machining of fwd stern tube housing Φ248Χ300L mm to Φ263Χ300L mm.
  • Line- bore stern tube measurements of shaft line, after machining.
  • Calibration check of machined aft & fwd housings.

The above mentioned laser sighting & machining procedures were completed successfully owing to:

  • the use of our own special, custom-engineered equipment,
  • the provision of our own special cutting tools,
  • the high technical expertise and advanced know-how of our service engineers.